Lucy Grealy Mirrors Analysis

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There is a deep connection between my experience and Lucy Grealy’s experience, portrayed in her novel ”Mirrors,” that not many people can relate to. While reading of this story, I was waiting for the author to start talking about a problem that comes so easily to people that experience physical and emotional pain, including depression, for years. It is a problem that society does not accept and will not give you sympathy for, and often times it is inappropriate to talk about. Many people don’t understand the problem and therefore don’t want to hear about what they do not relate to and can’t understand. It is usually something that is looked down upon and the person that is experiencing these maladies is viewed as weak, which might make this…show more content…
It was only two hours after my summer basketball team played in a national qualifier for the Amateur Athletic Union. My shot was off and I needed more practice, so I went to the park to play and practice. I spotted my cocky and jealous friend with another team on the pick-up court, and I was determined to put him in his place. After a little while of playing, he had the ball at the top of the key and tried to cross me over. I tapped the ball in to the backcourt and raced down to the other basket, trying to beat the older guy who was late getting back on the previous play. I knew it was going to be a hard lay-up with contact, but for some reason I didn’t care that the court was covered with some gravel and some sand. When you have a true passion for something, you get immersed in the moment some times and strive to perform to the best of your ability at all times. As I jumped up for the layup, I received the contact that I was expecting, and was forced down awkwardly on the slippery outdoor court and tore my Anterior Crucial Ligament and my Meniscus. It was by far the worst pain I have ever had at that point in my life. There I was squirming around on the pavement in horrible pain, which was a feeling that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Luckily, the intense pain only lasted a minute or two and then subsided to feel like a bad sprain. I knew I had a major injury, I just didn’t realize that this injury was the…show more content…
Living in physical pain can cause one to have a negative attitude towards life in general, and can change one’s personality and can turn one into a person no one ever thought one would be. Physical and emotional pain feed off of each other and can cause a recipe for destruction that can cripple the strongest of willing and determined people. From that moment on, I have been dependent on opiates because of my pain. I would use opiates to treat my physical pain and the emotional pain that came with not being able to do what I enjoyed. Taking opiates would release the same endorphins in my brain that I would feel when I was physically active in sports, and would cause the same high feeling that I would naturally get from winning and being in the moment on the basketball court. Opiates would temporarily make me feel at ease and happy. I tended to use them to fill that hole in my life that I was missing. It became the next twisted passion in my sick

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