My Experience as a Volunteer at the Ronald Mcdonald House

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Amy L. Mills Foundations Ronald McDonald House My experience at the Ronald McDonald house was something I gained so much from and I am very appreciative to have been a volunteer for that day. We spent the morning preparing food for the sick children and their families, but for me the experience was much more than just being able to cook and prepare food. We started the day by cooking breakfast for the children. Slowly the children and their families came down to eat the food we prepared. The children had the most amazing personalities and were so happy, which amazed me, knowing what they are going through. It was a true inspiration to know that they could be so positive and it brought me joy to be able to bring them happiness and ease what they were going through in anyway. After we served breakfast we went on tour of the house and I was truly taken back by the amount of graciousness and benevolence that people had selflessly donated to make the house a place of peace and bestow and sense of serenity for these families to enjoy during this time of tribulation. I have a sick child, so this experience really hit home for me. When I was in a time of need and taking my daughter for her treatments, who is now 5yrs old and thankfully has most of her health, I would have loved to be a part of something like this. The house is beautiful and in my opinion I can see how this helps the children and their families forget the reasons they are there, also making this a great environment for the children and their families to heal. When my daughter was sick as a preemie we spent 2yrs in and out of the hospitals, so I could definitely relate to what was going on and it was always the staff that I found the most comfort in. Knowing the effort I had contributed that day could make such a differences is what reassured me on that day that I am in the right field for my

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