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Colten Barrett Comp II 9/5/2012 Dr. Smith Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with feasting, joy, bonding and memories. My family along with millions of other American families every year, come together to celebrate everything that we have been grateful for throughout the year. We celebrate by feasting on some of our most savored dishes; some dishes happen to be a family tradition and are served at every Thanksgiving. Every year my family celebrates Thanksgiving at my grandma and grandpa’s house. By the time every one gets to Grandma’s house, the house is already filling up with fabulous smells of pie, meat, and other wonderful foods and to top it off the smell of fresh cut grass blowing in for the opened windows throughout the house. Each family member prepares and brings a traditionally favored recipe. My grandma is always in charge of making the best pies in the world, especially cherry pie which happens to be my favorite. She also prepares the hot rolls, cheesy potatoes and famous deviled eggs. My aunts’ are normally responsible for bringing the green beans, cheese dip and potato salad and whatever else they fell like bring. Now the main dish, the turkey, is prepared by my grandpa. He…show more content…
It gives everyone a chance to catch up on things that have happened to different family members over the course of the past year. Thanksgiving dinner is a time to be thankful for the joys in your life instead of all the negativity that we as human beings go through on a daily basis. This is why every time I think about Thanksgiving foods; it reminds me of how much family is important to me and how grateful I am for my loving family and without family I would not know what to

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