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OBSERVATION REPORT: In my recent observations I have made at “Small World” I have found a new love for administration, children, and childcare in general. Small World offers a variety of services with an exceptional staff! There were many occasions where I observed multiple teachers using a various range of teaching ethics- all of course were handled in the appropriate manner. My observations of the following will be discussed through the caregivers, health & safety, environment/activities, and guidance/discipline along with the facility operations of Small World Pre School here at 809 Gentry Drive Hot Springs, Arkansas. First I would like to say how accessible and convenient Small World makes to its parents and students. Small World opens at 5:45 a.m. and closes at 5:45 p.m. to help working parents with extended hours. I think this is fantastic considering the surrounding facilities have a strict policy of 8-5 operating hours. Each caregiver that is employed by Small World is given a state licensed background check, a reference check, and formal interviews, along with a drug screening before employment is finalized. Small World ensures safety, love, and quality care in every aspect of childcare and security/privacy is nothing short of just that! I would also like to comment on a recent observation I made with “Kayleigh” an ABC Teacher with an ECE masters degree at Small World. Kayleigh has a very bubbly, outgoing, and motivated personality. She works hard to ensure love is given to each individual child. She always greets the parents with the children in the morning using puppets, or any form of communication that is available at the particular time. If Kayleigh is handling a situation she simply states “good morning” while continuing with her tantrum that’s being thrown by the child, a quibble between two or more children, or busy work that she is

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