My Definition of Sexual Orientation in a Thousand Words

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My definition of Sexual Orientation in a thousand words As an African women, I know well that sexual orientation is something that cannot be discussed in the open. The truth is, homosexuals and bisexuals are everywhere. I am not suggesting that we host a conference about sexual orientation, but I believe if it was an open topic, people would feel better about themselves and even come out to the world about their sexuality. HETEROSEXUALITY This is the attraction between a female and a male. This sexual orientation is found to be the “normal” type of sexuality. I see this is a preconceived idea. Because as young girls, we grow up being told that we will get married to a man and we see our parents at home, same applies to boys. So it is believed by millions of people to be the right kind of sexuality. And the rest is seen as abomination. I have nothing against straight people. Even though I am aware of the fact that 99% of them have a problem with homosexuals. I have done so much research, trying to figure out what causes homophobic behaviour. In my research I found a lot of things that left me astonished and eager to know more about homophobic behaviour. One of the facts is that “most” homophobic individuals are unconsciously homosexual. The human mind is made out of three different levels of consciousness. CONSCIOUSNESS: When we look at the conscious level of the mind, we looking at the things that the person is aware of. Before an individual can act or say anything, they are very much aware of what they will say or do. Or we can say it is the information that is available to us. This information is about ourselves and the environment we live in. PRECOSNCIOUS: This is the information that is not available to us, but can only be retrieved when it is needed. It can be remembering to do something we haven’t done in many years. Like riding a bicycle. When I say
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