Homosexuals In The Military Pros And Cons

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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell or Ignorance is Bliss Homosexuals have faithfully served in the military since its very beginnings. But this fact does not matter to people who oppose the full integration of homosexuals into the military. Many reasons have been cited, but there has been little proof offered to substantiate these reasons. Colonel Roland D. Ray of the United States Marine Corps is the author of Gays: In or Out. In the section titled, “The Reality of Homosexuality and its Lifestyles,” Ray states, “Many homosexuals engage in sexual practices that are virtually unknown among heterosexuals.” After checking the front cover to determine if this book was written in this century, I found it difficult to believe Ray felt he could effectively speak for the entire heterosexual world when he made this statement. During my initial enlistment processing, I was asked if I was homosexual or heterosexual. I was never asked if I…show more content…
Ray states, “There is strong sentiment from servicemen and women that they will not be able to suppress their animosity. Many members have strongly held moral and religious convictions that regard homosexuality as not just a sin but an abomination.” As whites had to accept blacks in the military, and men had to accept women in the military, so must heterosexuals accept homosexuals in the military. When blacks were permitted to serve, it was not uncommon for white and black soldiers to fight and kill one another. Women were not accepted with open arms either. Women have endured rapes, sexual harassment, and many forms of unfair treatment in their search for military equality. The question of whether or not homosexuality is a sin or an abomination is a moot point. Many heterosexual military members have sinned on a regular basis and nevertheless have gone on to win countless awards and decorations and retire with
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