Summary: Historical And Scientific Perspective On Homosexuality

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Assignment: Historical and Scientific Perspective on Homosexuality PSY/265 Historical and Scientific Perspective on Homosexuality I believe that the historical and scientific perspectives in the text have shaped the way that gay individuals may perceive themselves in that they give these particular individuals different views of other people and the way that they look at gay people and their chosen lifestyle. The cross-cultural perspective is one perspective that gives gay individuals the perspectives from different cultures and the way that they view and think of the gay sexual orientation. While some cultures believe that gay relationships between two individuals of the same sex is wrong, some other cultures believe that it…show more content…
I have always known that I am a straight female and that I am physically attracted to the male gender and not to the female gender. Even after reading and learning more about the historical and scientific perspectives on sexual orientation, I still have the same views and have the same reflective view on my sexual preference and orientation. I did however learn quite a bit about how other peoples views may affect the personal views of some gay individuals on their life and their sexual preferences. I will say that if I were a gay individual I can see how some of these historical and scientific perspectives would shape my view on myself. I think that the way others perceive the gay lifestyle, as in the cultural perspective, would maybe make me self conscience and would maybe even make me weary of coming out or allowing others to acknowledge that I was gay at all. I think that I may even go through a denial stage because I would not want others to look at me in a negative way or to be afraid of me because I were gay. I also think that the biological perspective may even influence my view of my sexual orientation if I were gay because there would be a possible chance of my selection being genetic or hereditary. I think that biologically my point of view on the gay sexual orientation would actually be more positive than negative because then I would feel a bit more at ease because being gay was not just a choice but the way that I was born. I think that for me being born gay or the thought of being born gay would actually give me a little more comfort in knowing that it is the way that I was created, not that I made what some people would consider a bad choice or a good
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