Diversity In The Movie Milk

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The topic that we are focusing upon is diversity in sexuality. Within this topic I will be outlining discrimination against homosexuals and also strategies to potentially stop the discrimination against gays and lesbians. This issue is definitely a sensitive topic to talk about, not everyone agrees and each person has their own opinion and views. Even by talking about this issue in class discussions you can see that some are more open minded and accepting of homosexuals then others, and they do somewhat get thought upon differently because of their sexuality. Most elderly people have been brought up to disagree with people liking the same sex because of the way they have been raised throughout their childhood. Middle aged men are more inclined…show more content…
The other issue that was highlighted in this movie was the rights that gay people had, or you could say lack of rights that they had. In the movie Milk, countless times you heard the word faggot being used and homosexuals being belittled by certain comments in the way of being threatened to be killed just because of their sexuality. Even throughout this movie police officers were no better in the way of condoning this behavior by putting down homosexuals also. The issue of discrimination against gays was most certainly portrayed negatively in this movie, only for the fact of it was trying to get the point across that discrimination against homosexuals is not ok. I think I both agree and disagree with how they portrayed certain issues in this movie. The conclusion of the movie ended with gays getting some rights, but on the other hand how homosexuals were treated throughout the movie was horrible and I definitely don’t agree due to my view and opinion on this issue. I am well aware that homophobia is a serious issue in todays society and you hear lot more about it today then what you would have ten years ago, and being gay is found a lot more common. I believe myself to have a strong understanding on the diversity in sexuality and more importantly discrimination. I have family members that are attracted to the same sex and I personally don’t think of them to be any different. I agers me when I hear people talk negatively about homosexuals, thinking that there’s something wrong with them but to me being gay isn’t necessarily a choice, it’s basically just who you
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