Movies vs. History

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Hollywood vs. History Hollywood often uses American History to make money. Our country is still in its infancy compared to the broad majority of countries around the world. Many movies that are claimed to be “based on a true story” are typically inaccurate, containing dramatic, violent, comedic, or horrific mediums, along with names being changed, details of the actual event augmented, and locations being changed. The inaccurate information that is incorporated within the movie is to obtain a goal to produce big box office revenue and to ensure people will buy tickets and merchandise. However, if changing information to help in the aide to produce a box office hit is necessary, its typically stated within the opening credits or ending credits of the movie. People in general, should not regard historical movies, or even documentaries, as complete factual interpretations of written past. But in fact educate themselves to more credible information and resources, which are not related to a medium of mass entertainment. Even though there is little to no information regarding this siege that took place within the class textbook, ultimately my choice of movie for this essay against historical content was the Last of the Mohicans. Due to the location of the battle that took place in the movie, which is close to my actual home town, and how the Director really tried to make as much historical factuality as he could from a complete work of fiction. The Last of the Mohicans was filmed in 1992 by a director named Michael Mann. The movie was based on a fictional book “The Last of the Mohicans” written in 1826 by James Fenimore Cooper. The Last of the Mohicans took place during the third year of the French and Indian War during the battle at Fort William Henry, when the British and French were fighting over North American Colonies in the 18th Century. Hawkeye was
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