My Creature From The Black Castle Character Analysis

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In My Creature from the black Lagoon, King compares children’s superior response to horror over adults. I agree with King’s opinion that children are the perfect audience for horror. As malevolent that might sound, it makes perfect sense once you take into consideration king’s main points. Children have a much more fluent imagination and they are more vulnerable to make believe. The truth is we can admit that we too have also experienced a traumatic event with a horror movie or story just like the flashback King told about his own childhood. My creature, meaning his personal childhood disturbance as we all have on. Even I can remember a movie that I saw as a child that gave me nightmares. Now that I have grown up and re-watched the movie it…show more content…
He states that it is actually ironic that parents let children watch these G-rated movies when they are “minefields of terror,” as he quotes. Why is it that children are allowed to watch these movies, yet not allowed a horror movie? Perhaps it is because of the animation and some of the historical prestige of Disney after all. I am not one to judge Disney movies, in my opinion I enjoy some of them, but honestly there is a fine line of subliminal messaging involved. I believe king did not mention this to state he is against Disney movies, I think it was just to defend his idea that most horror themes and Disney movies are alike in many ways. I say most because he also does state that children need not to be watching the Texas Chain Saw Massacre because children still do not differentiate reality with fiction. Upon understanding this point in his text, I could then clearly identify that is exactly why children are the perfect audience. They cannot effectively differentiate fantasy and reality. Adults will get scared temporarily, but then will get over that feeling. Children do not have the same effect in
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