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Definition Essay I love watching movies like most people do. But is going to the movies better than renting movies? I prefer renting movies and watching them at home. Going to the movies is a never-ending hassle because of the parking, prices and uncomfortable atmosphere. So most of the bigger movie theaters are usually located in major shopping mall an area which creates one of the biggest issues with going to the movies, the parking. The process of looking for a parking space in a shopping mall area is very frustrating and can drive you crazy. So you are driving around in this huge parking lot looking for a space that is somewhat close to the movie theater. This will usually take you about 10 minutes to do because everyone else that is going to the movies is thinking the same thing. You end up driving around the parking lot 10 times before you finally find a space. Just when you think you’ve found the right space someone else swoops in and take the space that you had been looking for the past 10 minutes. Not to mention you have to look out for people or kids walking. Once that is all over with you have to stand in a long line waiting to buy tickets. Hoping they won't sellout of the movie you want to see. The cost of the tickets today is unbelievable. Now there are different prices for different age groups. You have the senior citizens, student, adult and children prices. You would think that the children tickets would be reasonably cheaper but with how high these prices are, you barely can tell anymore. After buying the ticket now you get to wait in another line to buy snacks. The costs of the snacks are also the same as the tickets or in some cases higher. I went to the movies last week and I purchased a hotdog, drink, and small popcorn and it came out to be $19.50. So in addition to my $13 dollar ticket I’ve already spent about $32.50. I’m scared to ask for

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