Reality Television Essay

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Reality Television: How Have They Changed Television Viewing Habits? Pamela Parker English Composition II Prof: Erica Ellsworth February 4, 2013 Reality Television has affected the moral fiber of our society dramatically. It portrays negative manners toward our younger generation, but ultimately it simulates the entire audience in some perspective. In today’s society Reality programs have become such a fad for American television serving an important part of people everyday life. A brief definition of reality television can be detailed in many ways, but basically its real life situations being displayed on television, which are also considered good money makers for the producers as well as the actors. Typically reality TV involves a group of people who are not trained actors being filmed in real life situations as well as irregular periods although some things are scripted to make the show more interesting. Recently celebrity versions of reality shows have made the definition harder, because they show the private lives of professional singers, actors, sportspeople, etc. as they deal with new situations. One reason Reality TV is considered bad for society is because it is mostly viewed by the younger generation which is easy to persuade by painting unrealistic and inappropriate portraits. A lot of explicit activity is being displayed as well as disrespect and crime to a certain extinct. Not to mention the number of hours reality shows are available in a twenty four hour period and the negative effect they are portraying creating promiscuous behaviors of family trends reflecting poor morals. Studies have showed since children are the easiest to manipulate as mentioned earlier, they are the biggest viewers. Not to say television is not the only contributor to negative development in children but it is a big one. Effects of television will continue
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