Family Guy And American Dad: Invalid Social Humour Essay

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FAMILY GUY & AMERICAN DAD: POINTLESS SITCOMS USING INVALID SOCIAL HUMOUR Class: ENG3U1-05 Teacher: Mrs. Simpson Date: March 9th, 2012 Name: Anas Khan Word Count: 1,502 FAMILY GUY & AMERICA DAD: POINTLESS SICOMS USE INVALID FORMS OF SOCIAL HUMOUR These “rude TV” shows have been around for so long, which is surprising considering the fact that they create a ton of controversies. It’s surprising that Family Guy and American Dad are allowed to air such politically incorrect material on national television. These shows are inappropriate for most of the audience, youth making up most of it, because they contain coarse language, sexual themes, controversial matter and ill mannerism. The dull shows also incorporate the mockery of Christianity and abuse the two most important figures of the religion. Finally, illegal substances are supported, such as marijuana and cocaine, through comedic gestures. The criteria used for social humour in these sitcoms are politically incorrect and are unacceptable forms of humour. Most of the audience that watches “rude TV”, such as Family Guy and American Dad, are at too young of an age to be responsible and mature enough to watch the shows. A lot of them will get influenced negatively; they will be convinced to learn the ill manners and shamelessness supported in the shows, because they are thought to be humorous, the coarse language is taken lightly as well teaching the audience to use it as well to be humorous. The Parents Television Council released a list of the 20 most popular shows among kids from ages 2-17. Shockingly, Family Guy and American Dad both made it on the list. The shows were then ranked from worst to best, Family Guy managed to take the top spot, with American Dad ranked high on the list as well (Starpulse, 2007). The shows continually set bad examples for young audiences in the harsh language

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