Motivation in the Workplace

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Motivation in the Workplace In the workplace, there are many factors that affect people’s job satisfaction, performance and overall happiness in their working environment. Employers are constantly trying to hire motivated, hard working employees, however after being in a job for a considerable amount of time, how do you keep workers motivated? Motivation is a key aspect that relates and affects many, if not all aspects, in the workplace. There are various types of motivation that stem from different places and are created through varied tactics. Having employees positively motivated is a key aspect that managers strive to achieve. Not only does motivation create employees to desire to accomplish more, but it also encourages employees to be the best, as well as stimulates better interpersonal relationships. Social Psychology looks at the struggles some employees face with creating motivation, and attempts to discover how to explain the different types of motivation, as well as how employers can be advised to achieve a higher level of motivation from their employees. This essay will explore the different elements of motivation, and how it is achieved. Some of the more specific aspects being analyzed are Goal Setting Theory, empowerment, and Social Motivational Training as scrutinized by various researchers. It will also focus greatly on Self-Determination Theory, as it applies to almost all of the articles read, because of its significance and relatedness to motivation. The studies used to investigate the validity of these theories will be explored and analyzed in regards to their contribution to creating more motivation in employees which ultimately results in the elevation of job performance. One of the main contributors to motivation, which continuously presented itself throughout the different articles read, was self- determination theory. Self-

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