Motivation and Attribution

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Motivation/Attribution Definition/Role of Learning Motivation: it is what makes people do something, the internal drive to accomplish a task. Keeps them moving in certain directions and engaged in certain activities (Ormrod, 2008). Attribution: What people think about what causes them to succeed or fail, as in do they feel they had ability or was the response due to just luck (Ormrod, 2008). Increase in Learning Motivation is essential in learning activities it helps people to determine success in their learning through the accomplishment of goals and goal setting. Attribution is especially helpful in attaining the goals in learning because success that is explained by their belief about the learning experience can motivate further learning endeavors, however it can also be detrimental if the learning experience is not what was expected. Goal of Learning The goal of learning in both motivation and attribution is to successfully navigate a learning experience. With attribution, effort plays a part in the goal as it pertains to how the individual perceives the reason learning occurred. Motivation helps to bring them to the place of learning. How one perceives the events and situations around them and within themselves will greatly impact learning. For example if a student attributes their failure to things that are out of their control, they may become less motivated to take interest in developing their knowledge in a subject. Learners should attribute their past successes partly to stable, dependable factors such as natural talent and a consistently supportive environment and partly to unstable but controllable factors such as effort and strategies” Ormrod,2008, p.509) Taking responsibility is important. Five Main Points 1. Motivation determines the extent of our learning capability. 2. Learners are often both intrinsically and extrinsically

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