Sources Of Motivation Paper

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Running Head: SOURCES OF MOTIVATION PAPER Sources of Motivation Paper PSY 355 date University of Phoenix Sources of Motivation Paper When defining motivation, there are several definitions. Every person may have their own meaning of what motivation means to them. Motivation can be described as a trait that one needs in order to achieve something in life. There are many things that prompt individuals to behave in certain ways. There are also many different theories that revolve around how and why a person is motivated to behave in such ways. Motivation “is to be moved into action” and these motives are influenced by “environmental incentives” or an inner drive (Deckers, 2005). If one does not have motivation, one will give up at the very first sign of difficulties or adversities. Motivation also means to be inspired and to be able encourage others to do their best at what ever task they try to accomplish. Motivation will help induce an individual to think "If I am unable to do something or if I cannot, then I must put forth an effort and try." This in return will make a person do whatsoever it takes to obtain success. Motivation is in every function of one’s life. This paper will describe how personal history and emotion act as sources of motivation, explain the relationship between motivation and behavior, and clarify how motivation is exhibited in behavior. History Personal history in regards to motivation includes the environment and individuals in which a person is raised. Just as individuals learn work ethic, academic integrity, reactive behaviors, and sensitivity and so on, they also learn the different aspects of motivation. According to Ford (1992) “people will typically adopt many of the goals shared by other individuals or institutions in their context…” This means that a person will share the same motivational influences in
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