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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES - BA 2101, SECTION 011 FINAL ESSAY – 3/7/2013 INSTRUCTOR: Lindsay R. Teich Major in Success College students need more guidance in how to turn their talents, curiosity, and passions into successful careers. Most guidance offices and books on the subject will be inadequate for these purposes. The writing style is witty and engaging, and the examples are interesting and relevant. Repetition does occur in using the examples, but it's not too bad. While this book has some weaknesses in helping you select the direction you should go in, it is superb in helping you pursue your goals once they are set. The early chapters of the book focused on creating awareness to the idea that being truly successfully results from choosing a job that sparks passion, risk, and excitement in life. Combs gave excellent advice in aiding students to find what they are truly passionate about. While reading the sections that included reader interaction, such as pulling out a pen and jotting…show more content…
Combs describe his own success or many student’s real world experience perhaps a chapter on majoring in the success with your dysfunctional family, enormous student loan, drugged-out roommate and relationship issues. Instead, Mr. Combs supplies his readers with 154 pages detailing and expanding on a single maxim: figure out what you want to do it life, and do it. Major in Success has some major flaws as well as some great advice. The less there is a great deal to be gathered from Major in Success, but probably not in the manner Mr. Combs planned. Some great lessons can be learned from understanding not just what is in the book, but what it is that makes the book successful, despite its shortcomings. The book's strengths are the many useful and appropriate suggestions for how to develop the experience, knowledge, and credentials to attract a shot at developing a career you

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