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I think Strategic processing Styles can effect decision making at work in many different ways. Strategy is the thinking process for creating a unique and valuable position, involving a different set of activities. Many describe strategic processing styles as a result of the decisions one has to make in day to day life. These styles define the behavior of the person or team making the decision. Some people believe that these styles are derived from the two main dimensions namely; mode and method. The two dimensions later form the four strategic styles that are known as the reactive stimulator, logical processor, hypothetical analyzer and relational innovator. The two that I picked are logical processor (LP) and hypothetical analyzer (HA). I will start with what made me pick LP. The LP is task oriented, logical and very much process oriented. The LP prefers learning experiences that are straightforward and detailed and learns well by the task rather than being told. LP’s will typically need a good deal of justification if the training requires much in the way of change. The LP may resist training if it requires them to expand their boundaries into uncomfortable areas without specific training and processes being put into place to assimilate it. The learning key for the LP is to give specific, clear instructions, clear expectations and support. The LP wants more than theory. They like concrete examples and a track to run on. The LP may be a little apprehensive in a group learning sessions that require interactive behavior. The discomfort felt can affect knowledge acquisition. The LP tends to be a bit quiet and a little apprehensive about sharing their newfound knowledge until they feel they fully command the subject. The LP may have quite a few questions in learning situations and will generally seek clarification on details. The second style I saw myself being was
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