Most Important 20Th Century Invention

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The 20th century spawned a vast number of new inventions, many of which have had a dramatic impact on our lives. The invention that has had the most dramatic effect in my opinion, is computers. I chose computers because it is the invention that has greatly affected our lives. Nowadays, almost everything is run and controlled by computers. For example, all the offices have computers which have become an indispensable tool in facilating communication and work. The use of computers has simplified many previously complex tasks to a mere touch of a few buttons on the keyboard. It is a sleek and powerful tool, which cannot be ignored by today's society. It has claimed a dominant position because of its many useful functions. The presence of internet has revolutionized the way people communicate and interact. Geographical distance has been overcome by the linkage opened up by computer networking or internet social networking. Business transactions have all been incorporated in the computerization process. Thus, a person who is computer illiterate would find himself/herself swamped by the technological revolution that is occurring in terms of computers. Despite the overwhelming convenience brought about by the use of computers, there are also inherent dangers. One of the most disturbing aspects of computerization is the fact that with increased dependence on the computer, people's personal lives become much more easily encroached upon. The recent spate of movies which depict how an individual's personal records can become easily tempered with using a computer is something which is worrying. The invasion of our private lives through access by computers is a danger that demonstrates the flip side of computerization. Another problem is the rise of computer crimes utilizing the expertise of "hackers". In addition, some people have also raised the concern that computers can

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