Why Should Cyber Bullying Be Deleted?

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Before wanting to delete cyber bullying, it is important to know what it is and how is it formed. Then we will know why it must be deleted. What is cyber bullying? Cyber bullying, in simple terms, is the harassment of a child that is caused by another child by using the internet. Cyber bullying is worse than normal bullying because it occurs on the internet, which is a much larger scale. The internet has become very common in today's society. It has played a major role in the social lives of many children. They are able to shop, communicate, and make good friends just by using the internet. People are also able to distribute information to a lot of people in very little time. Because of its convenience, a large number of people use the internet on a daily basis. The internet is a very wonderful tool for children to use as long as it is being used responsibly. But what happens when it starts being used irresponsibly? When it is used irresponsibly, it fluctuates into a dangerous tool to use. It creates an unlimited amount of potential threats to people everywhere. This is where cyber bullying comes in at. Why should cyber bullying be stopped? When children start to abuse the convenience of the internet by harassing other people, the internet becomes very dangerous. What makes cyber bullying so dangerous? Cyber bullying is dangerous because it has the ability to take the smallest incident and build up so much tension around it that it results in a murder or suicide. Some people may blame the victim for lacking self control and not being able to ignore the situation. Some people may claim it was just a joke and may blame the victim for being too sensitive or insecure. Chances are that these same people do not consider the perspective of the victim. When someone is being harassed or embarrassed online, it becomes worldwide. When that many people have access
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