Argumentative Essay: Is Google Making USupid?

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The Internet and Google are dominating the flow of the information through our eyes and ears to our brains. They are providing us with a huge amount of information by a way that is unprecedented in the history of mankind. I support Carr with his claim that Google is making us stupid because I think that after the invention of the Internet, human lifestyles have changed a lot; especially when they invented Google because it is the main search engine in the whole world, and people become completely dependent on it. Reading with focus is very important not only for the knowledge that we gain from the book author, but also in our minds for those spaces that bloom upon our minds from reading a book without focusing or meditating on the issue. For…show more content…
Now it is very simple, in a few minutes typing on the keyboard we will get what we need. Therefore, we would not feel the value of what we looked for, because we did not put in any effort, and usually we will forget the information. On the other hand, if we put an effort in while looking for the information, it will stick in our mind and the portion that is forgotten is less. People became addicted to Google; when they need to look for something, the first idea in their mind is Google. However, Google has a huge amount of information and much of it could be wrong. For example, the Wikipedia website is not a good source of information because normal people write the information in it and not specialists. Therefore, if we get wrong information, then our knowledge would be wrong. Carr also discussed that the Internet is an imaginary world, and all the people are behind the computer screens. Therefore, whenever we access a website, Google can collect more information about us, and if we access more websites, then that would be easier and faster for them to collect the information they want. They do not care if we read valuable or wrong information, all they want is to know more about

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