Moral Discipline Essay

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Your Name Your Teachers name Your Class / Unit The Date MORAL DISCIPLINE Morals. Your Morals. My Morals. We all have Morals. Now whether we have good ones or bad ones makes the difference in the person that lies deeply under all that tough skin that some of us have or proclaim to have. The discipline in which we apply to our specific and/or unique type morals are how we can adjust our lives for better or for worse. The discipline that we apply to our morals is like a domino effect that trickles down the family tree. Eventually those specific morals of that person will make all the difference in the world. Now, I’ve taken the time to research the actual definition of Moral Discipline. What I have gathered from a few websites is that it’s the determination to refrain from pretty much any negative type resulting action such as idle gossip, hurtful speech, lying, and in general just being fuckin’ retarded. Avoiding anything that will result on bad terms for yourself or more than just yourself. Now my mother always taught me my rights from wrongs. I know for a fact that I don’t follow all her morals that she raised me by but I’ve grown enough to develop my own morals. (Most of which are from how I was raised by my mother and my mother alone) So, I now know what my personal beliefs and morals are and I’ll stand by my morals until the day I die. Maybe I need to practice moral discipline to better myself for the near and far future of mine.
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