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In the book Speak the author Laurie Halse Anderson creates a character named Melinda Sordino from a dream she has. The character portrays a girl who throughout a life changing event separates herself from the world. In the book Melinda tries to find herself, and escape depression through her art. Anderson uses characterization, imagery, and setting to express her personality and feelings. Melinda Sordino was greatly affected by this incident. It disturbed her emotionally, physically and mentally. In just several months she transformed from a brilliant, lively girl, to a depressed and dismal being. Melinda seemed distressed of the fact that she no longer had friends. She would become desperate making friends with people completely different from herself. “I used to be like Heather. Have I changed that much in two months? She is happy, driven, and aerobically fit.” As you can see she knows that she has changed but she…show more content…
She lives in her mind, barley speaks to anyone. She spends most of her time analyzing all the things around her life. She wants to tell someone how she feels but is scared that she might get rejected or no one will believe her. “I can’t believe you, you’re just jealous.”(184) when she finally tells one of her former friends from the party who is now dating Andy Beast, what happened and the reason for her calling the cops she lashes out and does exactly what she was afraid of. In reading and studying “Speak” By author Laurie Halse Anderson , my character analysis has taught me how Melinda dealt with her problem and what she went through to get her life back…it also taught me to choose my friends carefully and that keeping your anger and pain bottled up can hurt you more than you know. Reading this book taught me that no one should judge anyone’s feelings because no one knows what they’ve been through and how they

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