The Church Of No Reason Analysis

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“The Church of No Reason” In her short story, “The Church of No Reason”, Andrea Barrett illustrates the cascade effects of depression, sorrow and betrayal. Her use of symbolism with characterization in this story is interesting showing how a mother gave up hope on life. Describing how depression Lead her to a book she believed gave her more than just answers, as she said “The point is that there has to be something to life besides working and raising you”. Her depression grew so deep that she shunned her most important responsibly, her family. Andrea uniquely described the mother throughout the story as a person that was loosing so much, so quickly. A woman that once had it all together, however, due to a major decision she “broke-down” into a depression. A mother that was…show more content…
They had no supervision as their mother began to sulk in her own state of mind. Having no other chose but to fend for themselves, they rebel as they got older. Mocking their mother’s faith in her new book, they named it the “The Church of No Reason”. I believe the children felt neglected and were just craving structure, rules to obey, or perhaps just a parent in their lives. They reached out several times in varies ways, failing each and every attempt. They began to rebel against it all, however, allowing them to grow stronger and more independent. They were forced to raise each other through the difficult times, associating themselves with friends that would assist them in survival. It is hard to relate to Barrett’s story as a mother. It can be difficult being abandoned after a forced relocation. She felt deserted by her husband; however, she did the very same thing to her kids throughout the course of the read. She allowed herself to forget of her children and put her faith into a book rather than
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