The Awakening” the Emotional Break Through Was Edna’s Awakening.

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THE AWAKENING: PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE SOUTH UNIVERSITY PHYLICIA ALLEN When a writer gives the psychoanalytic perspective on a specific character, situation, symbol, or author, the writer is breaking down the character, situation, symbol, or author, in a deeper emotion. The writer becomes the psychoanalyst and brings forward the unconscious into conscious awareness. The author, Kate Chopin of “The Awakening” based this story on her views of women of back in the day. Chopin demonstrated the unconsciousness of women in those times, and how they became conscious. Chopin’s story gave insight from a different perspective on the characters and situations in “The Awakening.” Psychoanalyzing the character Edna Pontellier was one of the easiest characters to analyze. She was going through what many women went through in that time of history. Women were filled with resentment in those days. Edna became the woman who life was only about taking care of her husband and children, which lead her to become more resentful and full of regrets when it came down to her life. “Her marriage to Leonce Pontellier was purely an accident, (Chopin, 1899).” Chopin developed the character Mrs. Pontellier that many women were in that day. The story “The Awakening” pointed out all of the many reasons that Edna Pontellier has a lot of inner desires. “Even as a child she had lived in her own small life all within herself” (Chopin, 1899). By Edna doing this as a small child, what other ways of living had she known when married with children? The character Edna Pontellier, in the “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin provided much insight on how she wanted to become somebody different. Somebody she, as well as her children and husband, could understand and respect. She had not received the much appreciation she deserved from her family, especially her husband Leonce Pontellier. “…She
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