Patient Consent Case Study

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Kaplan University Different forms of Patient Consent “The Standard of Care refers to the degree of attentiveness, caution and prudence that a reasonable person in the circumstances would exercise. Failure to meet the standard is negligence, and the person who fails to meet the standard is liable for any damages caused by such negligence” (Standard of Care Law & Legal Definition) (2014). In Sandra’s case the appropriate Standard of Care is determined by her symptoms and mental state of mind. The correct Standard of Care is also taken into consideration in ways that other experts would agree most appropriate in her situation. If something was to happen and it lead to a malpractice lawsuit the lawyer of the physician would want to prove…show more content…
Ethical principles known as Respect, Empathy and Dignity (RED) is a guideline followed by all healthcare officials. It is priority that a healthcare professional put the patient first by providing the best care, regardless of the patient’s appearance and beliefs. Whether you are fond of a patients religion, or their appearance you should always show them respect. In Sandra’s case the physician in charge may not agree with people consuming alcohol. It’s not he/she place to discriminate, or to treat Sandra differently because beliefs are different. Growing up we were always taught to treat others as you want to be treated. In healthcare I feel it is a lot different. It’s your job to always treat the patient with respect and understand their needs and wants. Although Sandra was not conscious and could not make choices herself, the staff tried contacting her next of kin, when they were unreachable they took matters into their own hands to help Sandra. It was not noted in the case study what happened after medical attention was given to Sandra, but it was in good faith that the doctor choose to give Sandra medical attention right away due to the severity of her wounds. Dignity often rises from one person to the next and in this case I feel all three ethical principles were
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