Mob-Superjuice Case Study

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Management and Organizational Behavior DATE OF SUBMISSION: 27TH JULY 2012 Case for Critical Analysis Super Juice At the moment, Super Juice’s main problem is that their profits haven’t risen for four straight years, and several new competitors are stealing their market share. According to Luisa, the current situation that they are in at the moment may be due to the company’s unwillingness to adapt new cultures. And we can say this by relating it to the past events that occurred with the other employees in the company. First and foremost, the company needs a change in mindset. They all need to have a more different attitude towards their workforce while trying to complete their goals and challenges toward fulfilling the company’s vision and purposes. The advantage out here is that the employees are already committed and loyal to the company therefore, if we study the company well enough, we can say that the company has amazing long standing rules and procedures, the people are punctual, they have a very calm workplace, and they are focused on making high-quality products price as reasonably as possible. But what the actual problem is, is that the company were losing employees because of their tight management control, and they prioritize systems and rules over the employee’s creativity. Therefore, what the company could do is, allow the workers to work in a more relaxed environment so that they can be as creative as possible. They could also recruit creative talent to help bring in new ideas to the team and strengthen the product development team. If we look at it the other way, the company’s other problem is that the product is associated as a drink for kids but since Super Juice is the most successful juice drink maker in the Southeast Region, they could explore new market segments and keep track of which areas consume a lot of Super Juice products and which
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