Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace

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Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace Name Institutional Affiliation Communication should be regarded as a simple art. Communication can get defined as a process of sharing information among two people or more. However, this definition is simplistic, as communication is not simply bound by sharing information. Communication is a way of sharing expressions, feelings, thoughts and many other things. For some individuals, communication comes naturally while, for others, communication is nerve wrecking. Communication is vital to everyone, whether personal or professional so to surmount it one requires practice, which comes with cognition and practice. In the workplace, work cannot be done under silent conditions among the employees. Therefore, communication makes a crucial element in every company. It is noteworthy that every employee communicates to foster coordination, better work relation, and keeping everybody in the same tempo as far as the organization is concerned. To elaborate effective communication, during the internship at a bank, the newly appointed manager went to every department communicating his intention, and vision for where on the bank’s performance. The manager also encouraged communication through accommodating the staff’s opinion in key decision-making. This communication technique was effective and valuable for the simple fact that it established a rapport and trust among the management and employees. By staying up-to-date, employees trust their colleagues more, and more certain independent work gets carried out. Later the manager introduced rapid response models, which meant that opportunities, risks and pertinent urgent issues that got raised got acted upon readily by the proper authority. The opposite, which is poor communication, means disgruntled employees, insufficient use of resources, missed deadlines, low
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