Mngt 5590 Week 2 Case Incident

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MNGT 5590: Week 2 Case Incident from Chapter 1 01/12/12 1.) Why do you think Freescale focuses on metrics? Why don’t more organizations follow its approach? Freescale focuses on metrics mainly due to the nature of the organization to get the best required results. Sometimes by having another liaison handle issues without the perspective knowledge it can be a risk to the overall success of that system. Due to the overall size and extreme volume of Freescale it would be in the best interest of the organization to have different levels of control. Freescale is based over 30 countries which would mean not only would culture values have to measure but possibly even the workforce would have to be as well. Many organizations feel that their size does not justify using the metrics system and deem it useless toward their organization success. I can agree to a extent but feel that to some degree the knowledge and know-how should be present. 2.) As a manager, would you want to be accountable for the acquisition and retention of employees you supervise? Why or why not? As a manager not only would I like to be accountable for the acquisition and retention of employees that are directly under my supervision but parts of the metrics also focuses on that as well. By being able to have direct contact throughout the entire process studies have shown that the investment toward human capital has had the greatest gain. By being able to capitalize and be the go to person in setting the training and required job specifications or traits that can create a great assets to you to better complete your department goals would also help establish useful data and experience for future employees. 3.) In general, what do you think are the advantages and limitations of such metrics? Some of the advantages of the metric within an organization could be
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