201 Ocr Guidelines, Procedures and Codes of Practice

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What key guidelines, procedures and codes of practice are relevant to your work? (1.1) Guidelines, procedures and codes of practice that relate to my work are very important as they all give me important information on how to do my job safely and well. If I didn’t follow these I could harm myself and also could harm others. The procedures, guidelines and codes of practice relevant to my work are: The Procedures at my work would be Reporting of accidents at work, reporting absence from work. The most important code of practise would be the privacy of personal data as we deal with sensitive data on a day to day basis then followed by great customer service. The guidelines in my workplace are all those of a general office. This ranges fro how to deal with emails answering the phones as well as calling participants and then also using all other office gear. Include data protection act Why is it important to plan your work and be accountable to others? (1.2) Planning is essential to any job you could possibly be in. A plan details exactly what needs to be done and simplifies the end goal. Another reason why planning is so essential is that it can account how long you are spending on different areas of your work allowing you to meet any potential deadlines. I need to be accountable for my own work so I am seen to be doing my job effectively How do you agree realistic targets for your work and why is it beneficial and important to do so? (1.3, 1.4) To agree realistic targets you should sit down with your direct superior and discuss areas where you can improve. In my instance that would be team leader and together we could evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and together reach a realistic target which would lead to my work improving. That is the reason why it is beneficial so I can continually improve and continue to be an asset to the business I
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