Military Girlfriends Essay

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Lonely Nights Nobody ever understands what it’s like until it happens to them. The day I dreaded had finally arrived. I held his hand tight, holding back the tears as we approached the gate. The anxiety built up as the question lingered throughout my thoughts. “When will you be coming back home..?” I hesitantly asked. But that was the thing; nobody knew. The only thing I knew was that half of my heart would be leaving me that day. I hugged him tightly and swore i’d never let go, but the time had come; I had to let go. Moping out of the airport trying to hide my face but everyone still stared. Nobody would understand. Military girlfriends have a bigger role than they get credit for. When committing to a relationship with a man in the forces, a commitment will also be made to yourself to a life in the military. Even though not signing in the technical sense, these military significant others are still going to be bound by certain rules and regulations that only apply to this kind of relationship (Crawford). A main rule when it comes to being a military significant other is while in uniform, PDA ( public display of affection) may not be shown, not even simply holding hands. Linking arms is the only thing they consider okay. While being a military significant other, there are many challenges to face. Almost all of these relationships typically result in being long distance relationships. Trust is the key to holding a long distance relationship together. If you don’t have trust in each other, military relationships probably aren’t best for you. A military girlfriend will have to sacrifice months apart from her loved one in return for that heartfelt feeling of being in her soldiers arms again. No matter how hard these relationships are, they are always worth it. Nobody understands until it happens to them. Even through all the lonesome nights where reality hits

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