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Summer Christian English/Cyphers Song Analysis Essay A Love Like That: “Johnny & June” I am a fan of an assortment of music. As long as a song has some meaning to me and I can relate to what is being said, I usually enjoy listening to them. Overall, there is something about country music that touches base with who I am (minus my dog died, my beer is empty and anything that says redneck in it). I feel country music is easy for me to relate to. My favorite country song is “Johnny and June” by Heidi Newfield. “Johnny and June” is my favorite song because of the heartfelt meaning in the lyrics, the references to Johnny and June Cash’s love story and the way this song makes me feel. The lyric of this song has heartfelt meaning behind them. They flow smooth as silk. The verse that I feel is the most profound is “I wanna hold you baby right or wrong” (22). Being there for someone right or wrong. Standing by their side through thick or thin. If someone truly loves someone they will be there for them no matter what. When she states “when you’re gone/ I wanna go too” (19-20) means to me that if you love someone this much, that you can not bare the thought of going on with your life without them. Life is not whole without your significant other by your side. The love she wants is one in a million. She wants to find a love “like Johnny and june/ They don't make love like that anymore”(39,43) My take on what is being said is that true love is hard to find. A love like this is a rarity. And if by chance you find a love like this do not let it go, but cherish it. She ask in the song “Is that too much too be asking for” (44) I think she ask this because we should love like this. Why is love like this so rare? If we love our partner/husband/boyfriend, we need to love with our whole heart. Put all of the love possible, that can be offered into the

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