Journal For Dana Canedy Character Analysis

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April 04, 2011 Journal for Jordan by Dana Canedy opens different points of view on the decision of Charles having gone to war when his partner Dana had just become pregnant. She has an opinion about his decision as expressed when she says: “He simply could not be sent into battle. It had taken us too long to find each other” (Canedy 105). At the same time she tries to support Charles because she knows how hard he fought for it and how important this mission was for him, as we see in the following sentence uttered by Dana: “I did have political view about war—everyone did, and I could have forced him into debating the issue. But none of that seemed right now. What mattered was supporting my man. I certainly did not want to risk saying anything that would hurt his morale or make him question his mission” (106). Charles’ decision of going to war definitely has an influence on Dana’s manner of dealing with their relationship. After Charles told Dana that he got orders to go to war, her next step is deciding to have a baby. The decision shows hers fears about Charles not coming back from war because she prefers not to…show more content…
Although, Dana’s fear is not about death, she fears never being able to establish a life somewhere to create a family because military men are always traveling or moving from city to city. Charles knows about all these sacrifices, and without a doubt he knows that Dana is this kind of strong woman as he wrote in the journal to their son Jordan, “It takes a special kind of woman to be married to a soldier. (…) You really have to be a self-motivated and strong-willed person. You spend a lot of time alone because he’s gone” (210). Charles’ decision is reasonable, and unfortunately he could not go through to his plans of completing the tour of duty and coming back home for
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