Why Did Henrys Attitude Towards Wolsey Change by 1529?

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By 1529 Henrys attitude towards Wolsey had changed; this led to his inevitable fall of power. The main reason for Henrys change of attitude was divorce that Wolsey could not grant for Henry. Other factors also contributed to the inability to meet the wishes of the king, thus changing his attitude towards Wolsey. One of the main reasons Henrys attitudes changed towards Wolsey was his inability to obtain the divorce that Henry desperately wanted. For henry this was a personal desire which meant when Wolsey failed to achieve it, it led Henry to question his capability and power. By 1525, Catherine of Aragon was unable to bear another child thus crushing Henrys aim of keeping the Tudor line of succession through a male heir. The king also became infatuated with Anne Boleyn who resisted his gifts and kind charm, however the more she resisted the more infatuated the king became; increasing his desire for the divorce even more. With Wolsey being Cardinal, Henry presumed the divorce would be very simple due to the marriage of him and Catherine being incestuous under biblical declarations. However with Charles keeping the pope prisoner and the relations between Charles and Catherine, he declined the divorce on behalf of the pope. So without obtaining a divorce Wolsey had to try and keep Henry content in other ways. However, Wolsey also changed Henrys attitude when he left England stranded without alliance due to his attempts in foreign policy. Wolsey’s strategy was to create an alliance with Francis; who sent cardinal Campeggio for the hearing of the divorce. The Anglo-French alliance undermined Charles, which they hoped would seek to the freedom of the Pope. In 1527, the treaty of Amiens agreed that England would pay for a French attack on Charles. However with Wolsey’s focus on foreign policy and his efforts to try and obtain a divorce he neglected the domestic affairs of
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