Nettie's Monologue

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Now that I know where Mr____is keeping Nettie’s letters I’m gonna ask Shug if is she can open the trunk where the letters are kept, once Mr____ has left the house. It’s filled with everything that means anything to Mr____. The kind of stuff that he doesn’t want me to ever see. Its big and locked up tightly, I seen it there for years but haven’t ever wanted to go through it…. Just too scared to. Mr____ and Grady are getting ready to go out. None of them say where they goin, but don’t care all I care bout is finally hearing a word from my dearest Nettie. I can’t help but to feel anxious, thinking bout how Nettie is. Once they leave, we run to the trunk. I fumble towards the bottom and there they is a whole bunch of them. Some of them are already open, but some not. I feel funny like there’s…show more content…
Makes me so mad I want to go smash all the plates in the kitchen, but that’s something he’d do. I lay here under my sheets looking up to the roof I feel relieved, and a sudden wave of confidence bout Nettie passes over me. I now know she is alive and well. For a long time I was unaware of her life, had no idea how she was or even if she was still alive. Now I know, and my mind is at ease, which is what I have been praying for since the day she left. I’m so happy for her she sounds to be in high spirits. She was able to escape this life of hopelessness to a better one. These past few days I’ve read more of Nettie’s letters. Nettie is on my mind every minute of the day. I never stop thinking about her. The forth letter is dated two months after the third. She is travelling to Africa by ship, With Samuel, Corrine and the children, to join the missionaries. I always knew God loved Nettie and he put her on earth to help others and carry out good deeds wherever she was. Now she’s off into the world doing just that. But God don’t love

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