Should Women Be Allowed In The Military

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“Its your civic duty to serve our country” that’s what every American has ever heard but when is it our civic duty to sleep with one eye open? Since when is it right to hide a knife under your pillow? To be afraid of people who are supposed to be protecting you? Well that’s what’s going on in the United States army if its not enough that the people in other countries are getting raped like us but the fact that brave women who decide to fight for our country are getting raped and blamed for this every single day. Its against the military code of conduct to have any sexual relationship while over seas with anyone so when a women is raped most of the time the military personnel believe that it’s the women’s way of getting out of trouble for having sex since the penalty for any sexual relation ship is being demoted a rank, losing a stripe or being relocated. Since the military hospitals don’t allow abortions to be done on sight women have to travel home to have the abortion done at their expense. I find it hard to see the justice in a country where rape standards are held so high except in the military where a woman can be raped and sent home and…show more content…
Where men can do as they please with the women and nothing is ever prosecuted and basically a brave woman who wanted to fight for the country she loves is now going to be accused of lying and is looked down on for even bringing the charges up in the first place. Some justice our miltary has right? These men have the wrong idea they think there invincible and can get away with this and if any action is taken these men become violent. We give these men guns with hope that they will protect our country but in reality we are just giving ammo to a cold-hearted raping killing machine. Even when the men return home and possibly go after the women who asked for help they still have to answer to the military instead of civilian police. Which means they end up once again walking

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