Media's Negative Affect on Teens

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Media’s Negative Influence On Teens Within the last decade the media has become a big influence on our culture. Movie stars, singers, musicians, and models have been turned into idols and obsessions especially by the younger generation. It is no question that the media influences teenagers to a great degree. Adolescents are more impressionable than any other age group. This is because this is a time when they are developing their identities in such a way that society will accept them. Media has become a problem for the teenage world and is leading to wrong choices. The media plays a large role in how teenagers view themselves by shaping images of what teenagers are supposed to be or do. How they’re supposed to dress, how they’re supposed to act, the media shows them this in simple commercials, television shows, adds, movies, and music. The media does affect teens in a negative way more so than in a positive way. Throughout the recent years the sexual content in the media has become more explicit and has begun to advertise to teens, pre-teens, and even younger children. The ratings of movies are becoming more lenient to what age group the advertisers are reaching out to. The media is advertising sex as something that everyone does. Most music videos, movies, T.V. shows, and advertisements are giving hints to sexual behavior to a younger audience, causing them to become curious about sex and everything else that goes along with it. Three out of four teens say ‘T.V. shows and movies make it seem normal for teenagers to have sex’ (Plous). Being able to see sexual acts being done throughout the media can have an affect on teens thinking that having sex will make them cool or popular. Confused but curious teens and preteens who engage in sexual behavior are left feeling used, worthless, and emotionally detached as they are not psychologically ready for these
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