Our Reality Is Not Our Own, but Shaped by Others

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Our reality is not our own, but influenced by others Our reality is definitely one that is shared with and influenced by the people in our community. In other words we rely on other people and the groups we associate with to make us truly understand of our own identity as a person. To see why that is the case we need to first look at the definition of “reality” and “influence”. In this case the term “reality” refers to a person’s identity and the qualities that makes them different from others, whilst “influence” is the impact that another person or group have in shaping of a person’s reality. On the other hand however, we don’t always find that our identity is influenced by others. It could be that a person’s individual actions that determines their own identity. Everyone in the world possesses different characteristics which separates and makes them different from others. The different traits that each individual possess is definitely a building block that shapes up to be their own reality. However, people nowadays are becoming more and more self concious of their traits/appearance and due to the massive influence of the social media especially through the form of media advertisement; we as a society are becoming more influenced by what others think and in turn it reflects on our own identity and reality as a person. Media advertising is often directed towards children and teenagers meaning that they are increasingly concious of brands and the public image, suggesting that these are “normal” ways to look and behave. Consequently, media advertising influences negative teenage behaviour especially on teenage girls. If teenage girls see unrealistic “thin body” types and beauty messages often enough through the media, it can have an impact on their body image and dieting behaviour to acquire that “perfect” body image, especially when there’s no one to disagree
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