Does Watching Smoking in Movies Promote Teenage Smoking?

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Does watching smoking in movies promote teenage smoking? In 1895, the Frenchman Louis Lumiere invented the first motion picture camera (Sargent, 346). Social media is widespread; however, it also occurs concern about the impact of motion pictures to adolescence. There are many movies and video game that focus on sex, language, and violence. Media exposure has a really big effect on adolescence behaviors. This article is a discussion of adolescent smoking and how media smoking exposure affects adolescent smoking. It is also about various risk factors that can affects adolescent smoking such as parental involvement, cognitive beliefs, personality and other social factors such as peer or movies. Watching movies is a popular entertainment for some adolescents. Thus, movie stars are perceived as “cool”, and become teen models that adolescents want to be. Thus, smoking in the movies is an initiation of adolescents smoking. The researchers found that adolescents are more likely to intend to smoke in the future if they view the movie with smoking. Everything that adolescents see in the media such as movies affects them in some way. Researchers have shown that movies smoking can cause behavioral problems to adolescents later. The research relates to material covered in our class or in our textbook. They both talk about the effects of social media to human life and behavior. This is a review article. It is paper to summarize of a topic. The authors analyze research previously published by others except the graph. The paper has a lot of strengths. It represents very clear about the topic. It stays in the topic and is organized. The authors use confidence information and sources. But it also has weaknesses. The graph is not very good. The authors don’t label it very clear. It is also not enough to improve all the entire paper. It will be very important to public health
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