The Decline of Morality in Music and Its Impact on Youths

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The media has a profound impact on lives of an average human as they spend more than 6-7 hours each day exposed to all sorts of media. Music is evidently one of the main types of media but its effects on our brain are often underplayed against that of television or films. Music is a mechanism that produces results that vary in different time periods; music in 1970s is drastically different to that of now. However, the trend that music is following nowadays seems to point towards a less-‘virtuous’ future. This change of morality in the general music industry combined with the increasing influence of media could easily interfere with our moldable youths’ development. In this paper, I hope to study why this trend of decreasing morality exist in music and how this would affect our younger generations in terms of mental health. Music videos and lyrics are both tools that musicians can use to communicate with our society but whether the content is appropriate for our youth is the exigency of this issue. According to a research conducted by the Henry Kaiser Family Foundation, teenagers ranging from 8-18 year olds are exposed to different kinds of media whether it is video games, movies, television or music for more than 7.5 hours per day (Rideout). The only activity that consumes more time than media in a teenager’s day is sleep. This means that school, interactions with parents/friends and even sports only take up around 15% of a typical day for our youth. Media has already become an integral part of our society’s youth and its impact is increasingly evident in our culture. Music is an essential aspect of the media teenagers are exposed to; on average, a teenager spends around 2.5 hours (Rideout) per day listening to music. This does not include music that is played in other forms of media such as television shows and movies. This phenomenon is enhanced by the

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