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Introduction Oreo, under Mondelez International Inc., is a favourite sandwich cookie brand all over the world which is popularly known as a cookie with cream sandwiched between two cookies. Since 1912, the marketers of Oreo, have continuously developed products to bring new solutions and varieties to their customers. Likewise, for this purpose, they are going to launch a new product which is a durian flavoured cream Oreo. The focus of this report is on the basic marketing concepts and illustrates its application in the new product, including environmental analysis, consumer behaviour, segmentation, targeting, differentiation, and positioning, product and pricing. 1. Environmental Analysis a. Market Analysis The marketers of Oreo had conducted a sample survey with 100 young people under the age of 18 years old in some schools in Singapore. In the survey, they asked the people whether they would like to try a fruit flavoured Oreo cookies. Then, the marketers move on to ask the group of people whether they would be interested in buying the durian flavour Oreo cookie. Through the survey, the result shows that majority of the people, about 81%, would be interested in buying Oreo’s new product. Below is the summary of the preferred flavourings of the respondents. [pic] Figure 1 – The possibility of launching durian flavour to the market through the survey b. Micro Environmental Factor One of factor that has a direct impact to Oreo business and success is competitors. Some of their competitors are Khong Guan and Arnotts. Khong Guan’s products price is cheaper than Oreo. Therefore, it garners a lot of customers. Arnotts has a variety of biscuits, customers can select from, which Oreo lacks. Hence, resulting in competition between the companies. Oreo is fighting against these competitors to stay popular in the market. It tries

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