Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis Paper

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Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis Vivian Smith PSY/322 December 17, 2012 Joanna Bauer Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis There are different processes involved in the consumer buying behavior. Initially the consumer has selected what type of cereal the family will consume in the home. Then the consumer decides which product promises superior utility. After selecting which cereal the consumer decides how much of the household income can be used on this particular cereal. Finally, the consumer makes the decision on which brand of cereal the family can afford. This paper is about Kellogg Corn Flakes. There are other factors influencing the purchase of Kellogg Corn Flakes, such as the psychological and social factors. These factors include and not limited to motivation, perception, attitude, family social class, and reference groups (women, children, or men). These factors will be discussed regarding why consumer behaviors lead him or her to select the Kellogg brand of cereal. Consumer needs are fickle when searching for the best deals regardless of the brand. Most external factors speaking of promotions are designed to increase the probability that consumers will purchase a particular brand or a combination of their products. Marketer’s primary goal is to get the customers to try their products. One way of doing this is to use frequent promotion to obtain a competitive price on their brand. Kellogg frequently offers coupons and premiums on its market-leading cereals that led consumers to purchase their brand of cereal (Retail-Report, 2012) I have examined how some factors, external and internal, effect for customers choosing the Kellogg brand of cereal. For instance; cultural, family, social class, business ethics, motivation, attitude, and perception are a few that influence consumer behavior. Cultural—Culture is the part of
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