King's Syrup Business Analysis

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The product I choose is King’s syrup. In 1905 King’s syrup was developed in Baltimore Maryland and used throughout the Mid Atlantic for years, in which it was the number one syrup. There are several purposes the syrup is used for which is baking, pancakes and waffles. I remember growing up eating pancakes for breakfast umm the smell of Sunday morning breakfast before church. My mother would cook for myself, my dad and my siblings on some weekends. The most important condiment that would go on top of our pancakes was King’s syrup. It was an inquired taste that grew on me. As I became a young woman and had three beautiful children I would still buy King’s syrup for any food that needed that thick maple syrup taste. It is now 2013 and it…show more content…
Making this long term commitment to support the new product strategy by knowing my target market which is Young and middle aged families who loves to cook breakfast or bake for their families, even families on the go who microwaves 65% of breakfast food would be a good candidate. I could satisfy consumer’s wants and needs by first having a web site set up with asking people in general there idea of king syrup coming back out on the market with the same taste just a new look with a splash of color that would be eye catching. Second I would gather up a team of go getters everyone on the same page for the market strategy and go to local club stores like Costco’s, Sam’s, Wal Mart and even some local supermarkets with some samples to past out samples of the new bottle . On the back of the bottle asking the consumer to log on to the web site and give there in put of the new bottle of King’s Syrup and along with the taste of maple that potential consumers will always be longing for. The early adapter’s consumers are the ones we are looking for to get a sample of the product and communicate by word of mouth to pass on the information to family, friends, and…show more content…
Also online is convenient for some consumers to shop in the comfort of their own home. Consumer could go to the web site directly and purchase their brand of King’s syrup either in glass bottle with the new vibrant colors or plastic bottle with the easy squeeze handles. Also the potential buyer would come across deals when purchasing online. The marketing distribution channel will go under intensive distribution. By the product almost obsolete on the shelves this would be the time to do intensive distribution of having the product on every shelve where potential customers would buy the product. Majority of families who bake or cook pancakes, french toast, and waffles, have at least one bottle of syrup on the shelve or in the pantry. There is not a lot of King’s syrup in the grocery stores and some don’t sell it at all. By doing a massive distribution which would be aimed at the maximum market coverage at a price that consumers could afford would be an awesome way of coverage of the product being out on the market. Besides the major superstores to get the final product out for retailers like Wal Mart and Target there are major name supermarket stores like Giants, Super fresh, and Shoppers to name a few that we would also sell our product at anywhere where there is food being sold

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