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Sierra Hayes Mr. C English 1301-14 28 January 2013 Narrative Writing Remembered Event As a little girl my greatest bond was with my grandmother, she played a major role in my support system. When my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer my senior year, it was really hard on me. All I could think was she won’t be able to see me graduate, which was her wish for me from when I was younger. I was born September 1st, 1994 in Brooklyn, New York. My mother was fairly young and still in high school, so my grandmother Christine Cooks made it one of her top priorities to take care of me. She did my hair, fed me, played with me, and put me to sleep. When I was around the age of two she bought me a play kitchen. I was so used to seeing my grandmother cook every morning that I wanted to do the same. I would say, “Grandma, are you making grits? I want to make some too!” So she would put some water in my pot and give me a wooden spoon. I would stir the water the same way she would. When I was about three, my brother Ephraim was born, and of course, my grandmother was there for that as well. As my mother and father had begun to land on their feet, they…show more content…
She left a week later and has been doing well ever since. When it was time for me to get ready to move into my dorm, she helped me purchase everything I needed in order to make my time at Winston-Salem State University enjoyable and comfortable. It has been five months since she has been diagnosed; she just recently found out that she has another lump in the other breast, so she has another surgery at the end of September. Even with knowing this information, she still manages to live every day like it is her last. I thank god for my grandmother every day, she has shown me how to be strong and persevere through any obstacle. She has shown me that if I put my mind to it, I can accomplish

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