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MARK 20 Chapter 1 Case Study Questions: Chobani 1. From the information about Chobani in the case and at the start of the chapter, a. Whom did Hamdi Ulikaya identify as the target for his first cups of Greek yogurt? People who enjoyed yogurt as much as he did, sans artificial preservatives. He was wanted to sell to major grocery chains. b. What was his initial “4P’s” marketing strategy? Product – Chobani is better product that stands out. Price - $1.29, considered affordable Place – Grocery stores Promotions – Hand written notes sent back to people contacting 2a. What marketing actions would you expect the companies selling Yoplait, Dannon and PepsiCo yogurts to take in response to Chobani’s appearance? They can lower the price of their yogurts by offering coupons. 2b. How might Chobani respond? Chobani might respond by launching a new product that targets a different market segmen. They have to continue to innovate. This can be done by designing new and more convenient packages with different sizes, and by introducing a kids yogurt. 3. What are the (a) advantages and (b) disadvantages of Chobani’s Customer Loyalty Team that handles communication with customers – from phone calls and e-mails to Facebook and Twitter messages? A.Advantages: Customers feel they have an intimate connection with the company C. Disadvantages: A possible disadvantage would be that the company can get swamped with letters and get very backed up with replies. 4. As Chobani seeks to build its brand, it opened a unique retail store in New York City: Chobani SoHo. Why did Chobani do this? It is an opportunity to market test new products using a hip new concept. 5a. What criteria might Chobani use when it seeks markets in new countries? Finding countries that consume a lot of yogurt. 5b. What three or four countries meet these

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