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(Introduction to the product ) Stand out features of the product The product we are doing is Ferrero Rocher chocolate . The stand out features of the product are: 1) It looks luxuries 2)) It has creamy filling 3) The wafer inside is crunchy enough 4) there is a delicious hazelnut in the centre. Story about the design Ferrero Rocher was introduced in 1982 in Italian. In just a few years it became the favourite chocolate treat for millions of people. Today it's the world leader in its category. It is designed in round shape but irregular that packed in a luxury box– The golden wrapping and box make it look englance and famous Describe the packaging It is made out of refined packaging finish gloss on the outside, while the edges are folded and sealed, containing ferrero rocher chocolates. The sweet wrappers are in golden in colour where the edges are unfolded to reveal the delicious inside products! Level of enticement (advantage of this product) The level of enticement of this product is : 1) It can be a gift for friends, lover, colleagues ,family, ,farewell, special occasion or event offered to them at all ages . 2) The price is also reasonable. With a box of Ferrero chocolates. You'll introduce them to a world of incomparable sensory pleasure. Market skimming: This Ferrero Rocher chocolate usually set at a higher price than other brands of chocolate but there are still some customers willing to buy due to good quality, strong branding, luxuries ,unique and more healthy. It is cater for middle to higher income customers

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