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Cookie Heaven The simplest word to describe chocolate chip cookies is yum. With their (almost) perfect circular shapes to the little lumps from the chocolate chips hiding beneath the dough, it is hard not to be a fan of these sugary treats. Once you bite into one, and that is all it takes just that one bite, your day becomes just a little better. Now the best part about anything in life is getting to enjoy it not the actual work it takes to achieve that enjoyment. This is the exact same situation with chocolate chip cookies, but once they come out the oven all warm and gooey you forget all about the time you just spent for a few mere little cookies. The best feeling is coming home after a horrific day to the site and sweet, sweet smell of a freshly baked, straight out of the oven batch of chocolate chip cookies. There is nothing like the taste of a freshly made cookie to cure a person’s bad day. It has been one of the worst days yet,…show more content…
You grab one because you can’t take wait any longer; as your mouth starts to water over the idea of just how amazing it will finally taste when once you take that first bite. As your teeth slowly begin to sink in, the cookie starts to break away from the rest of itself dragging along a few of those little chocolate chips. Once the bite is finally in your mouth, the taste of the chocolate chips mixed with the sugary vanilla cookie begin to melt away in your mouth taking you to a place where no bad days like today ever exist. Where the days are perfect and your only problem is that you don’t have enough cookies to eat. The warm gooeyness of the chocolate chips puts a smile on your face as they melt away on your taste buds. But you want the happiness to last so you take another bite which you can’t believe is even better than the first. Soon you have forgotten all about your troubles thanks to this soft, chewy, chocolaty

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