Sugar Cookie Battle

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What does a cookie and some sugar equal? Only just one of the most delicious types of cookies sold worldwide! I was given the opportunity to taste test two sugar cookies made by two different chefs: Mrs. Woody and Mary Todd Lincoln. Both sugar cookies had excellent features in their flavors and their appearances. In my opinion, however, Mary Todd Lincoln’s sugar cookie tasted absolutely lip smacking. To start off, we have Mrs. Woody’s sugar cookie. Before I started to taste her cookie, I could smell a sweet aroma from it. It automatically gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling I usually get during the winter time. Her cookie looked significantly sugary than Mary Todd Lincoln’s cookie did. As I began to taste it, I realized that its looks were quite deceiving. It only tasted half as sugary as it looked! Mrs. Woody’s cookie looked darker than normal. It was almost as if it had spent a great amount of time in the oven. It was a more round and crisp cookie, not what I would have expected from the average sugar cookie. I almost confused her sugar cookie for a snicker doodle! Her cookie also tasted quite similar to Mary Todd Lincoln’s cookie. The other cookie, which I favor, was Mary Todd Lincoln’s sugar cookie. I could already note the differences before I took it out of its bag. It had a fluffy look to it, as if someone had inflated the cookie! This cookie was crustier on the sides and got fluffier as it got closer to the center of the cookie. There were more crevices present on this sugar cookie as well. It took me a while to realize this wasn’t a pita I was looking at, it was a cookie. The main reason for my observation was because I noticed that this cookie looked as if there was more flour than needed. Before I tasted this cookie, I had a feeling that this would taste nothing like a sugar, due to the fact that the sugar wasn’t visible on this cookie. As soon as my

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