Marine Life Conservation

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When you visit grand aquariums, observe the beautiful and mysterious marine life and laugh about how amazing that dolphin show is, do you ever think about what could be happening to them or how they feel about ending up in that glass box instead of their homes? As sad as it is to hear, most people don’t. Before I begin, this speech is based off of a young boy who was against having wildlife in zoos and aquariums and wrote a letter to the Gurgaon’s Minister of Agriculture in attempt to stop the plan of rebuilding an aquarium, which interested me to research on the topic and support his ideas and concerns. There are many problems about the bad treatment of animals around the world and the ignorance of the dispute for conservation of marine life is one of them. People need to be far more aware of the situations, concerns, and problems of marine life in aquariums, the consequences it can lead to, such as extinction of species and death of wildlife, as well as solutions to help these situations. First off, let’s see the recent situations around the world’s biggest aquariums. Many people are excited about Gurgaon’s plan to build a new aquarium sprawled across at least one acre of land. With an aim to acquaint visitors with marine flora and fauna, the aquarium will accommodate 100 varieties of ornamental fish, to say the least. Dolphins and coral reef are also likely residents. Although it may seem like any other plan for a new aquarium or a zoo, it is most likely to end up just like the other aquarium disasters in other countries, which the Gurgaon residents seemed to have never thought about before carrying on such a massive plan. A recent example of March 2015, is the ‘accident’ in Mumbai’s Taraporevala Aquarium, where more than 100 fish died due to the polluted water, and now they are planning to rebuild the aquarium. So how can we trust them to take care of the fish
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