Camera Techniques In The Film Jaws

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Jaws The film is called jaws. The director of the movie was Steven Spielberg. The script of this film was from a novel called Jaws by peter Benchley. This film is about a shark killing innocent swimmers at the beach. The chief of the police is Roy Scheider. The mayor of the town just wants the people to enjoy the big occasion on 4th July which will attract lots of tourist which will bring money to the town. It is set in a fictional resort called Amity Island. The music in the film helps to build up tension in high pitches and quick and fast notes. The fast note grabs the audience attention and makes them involved in the film. In the film one of the parts where the music has been used is in the beginning of the film, when the audience…show more content…
Techniques like close up was used to show face expressions this can be a good way to create tension because worried expression gets the audiences worried. The camera techniques used frequently during the first and third attack was the mid-shot, this was because a huge crowd were in the sea, and to get the effect when the crowd fleets from the shark shows many people’s reactions. A zoom is often used to emphasize an object, to show where the audience should…show more content…
There is tension in the plot and in the ending, even when the first two attacks occurred a short while after the other. These attack continue consecutively make the audience feel that there are just going to be attacks one after another. it gives a impression to the audience and the characters that the beach is no longer safe to go swimming, even sunbathe has to be far away from the beach. The third attack on 4th July, which involving Brodys son was also a huge tension was building up this is because of the fake shark the boys made, which was an anti-climax. This was a thing the boys did because it cleared out the beach for the real attack. But tension built up at a very high rate, because a lady spotted the shark coming in to the pond where the small boys and the adults where. There was chaos at the beach because everyone’s attention was caught and Brody was at his best to warn his son at the pond about the shark. The havoc continued till one of the adult was killed but fear continued as brodys son was still in danger. This survival was an anti-climax. The last scene of the movie was a huge dramatic climax. Quints slow death, but the pause made it the audience more terrified then just quick attacks where all it was left see is blood it was quiet obvious that someone was going to die. This is because there is no coordinate between Quint, Brody and Hooper. They were all different types: old, traditional Quint, scientific

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